Joe Rogan and Maajid Nawaz episode, one of the best podcasts in all of history. - Graffiti it wherever you can in your city and friends! 

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Covid Va--ine Injuries Telegram
Anonyme Citoyen Around the world Protest Telegram
The Canadian Civil Liberties association is taking the Government of Canada to Court

Trudeau sneaking in new legislation already while trying to make a show of the Ottawa truckers protest. Expect laws and balance and checks to be eroded very quickly, timeline to Nazi Germany: VERY QUICK. National legislation being fast tracked through labor code, like vaccines, and other future injections.

Fill out the Survey for anyone living in Ottawa or who has attended the protest

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Tips, Questions, etc. please email: [email protected]

A lot of the social media pages are being suppressed online. What this means is that the platforms make it nearly impossible to find the pages without a direct link to the site. You need to send the exact link to friends, for them to be able to get to the page in MOST cases.

Main organizers Facebook page
Telegram Uncensored Truckers
Largest Freedom Convoy Instagram page
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Freedom convoy subreddit page
Live Streams: TopTVCanada
Live Streams: VivaFrei
Stories from the front lines: Friends for Freedom

Dear supporter,

The Adopt-a-Trucker initiative was born in the Ottawa region to support the overwhelming amount of trucks arriving in the city.  We provide all the local services from First Aid, to room and board. We are not supported by the Freedom Convoy's GoFundMe or GiveSendGo donations as it has always been designated to the fuel trucks and vehicle logistics. We source our own volunteers and funding.


  • a GoFundMe account.
  • a Merchandise Site
  • other adopt-a-trucker websites (not .com, not .org)

If you choose to give to or purchase from any of these, just keep in mind no proceeds come to our aid.

There are impersonators that take our media, stories and credibility to defraud well intentioned supporters such as yourselves. Please be sure that they are associated with the domain name as advertised by all our event influencers on social media.


  • operate under ""
  • is part of ""
  • provides resources and updates on the freedom convoy protest

But before we go on... There's more to just raising money for food shuttle and lodging. We are changing the narrative. Our guests (truckers) have helped improve the downtown core. Shovelling snow, moving out garbage, cleaning graffiti, supporting the homeless and cooperating with the authorities is just the start. The energy, unity, excitement and hope they have brought to our city is unimaginable. We need your support, for as long as it takes, to make Ottawa a better place than it was before they arrived. Imagine how it reflects on all of us, across the country and the world.

Ways to donate

"the best way to make sure your donation is received, is always to arrive yourself in Ottawa and hand deliver the aid, or sponsor someone from your community"

Please sponsor someone in your community to come to Ottawa - giving donations through online is now off the table as the government turns to dictatorship, no one is safe in the long run."


We have set up a booth downtown, in front of the parliament buildings, to collect information from all those wishing to assist.

Thank you for helping any way you can. We are all volunteers giving our everything to the benefit of every Canadian.

Survey for Ottawa residents: 

Volunteer registration form:

Legal Aid

The Democracy Fund: 647-479-4456

"the best way to make sure your donation is received, is always to arrive yourself in ottawa and hand deliver the aid, or sponsor someone from your community"